Why to go for help with weight loss under professional guidance?

Weight loss under professional supervision is effective and safe, avoiding the complications and errors as you progress more quickly, efficiently and above all without any additional stress.

In Befitu in menus take into account the basic guidelines for a healthy diet, which are added to the results of its own experience gained from their clients.

Experts are trying to have menus are best adapted to your tastes and nutritional habits. This is what they think of the menus of some of their satisfied customers, you can read the “opinions of satisfied customers.”
• You have some time to diet, you play sports, but still do not see real results?
• It does not eat so much, but the pounds accumulate anyway?
• Difficult to insist on decisions?

One of the main tasks of adviser for human support and motivation of the client. It will help you in the gradual acceptance of dietary habits and creating a new self-image.

Advisor to analyze your current diet and eating habits sports and subjected to a critical point. Most are small errors that they do not realize it but they play a key role in whether you lose weight or not.

We all new “scientific” knowledge about nutrition and diets in various magazines misled to the extent that they do not really know what else is eating healthy and what is not?

Good nutrition consultant regularly educate and update their knowledge. Their knowledge also builds from its own experience in working with their clients. To our work falls within mainstream education on healthy eating and related new research.

Tired of repeating and testing always new diets with short-term effects?

Good nutrition consultant will compose the menu, which will allow a healthy and effective weight loss food that you love. Teach while you gained weight well maintained.

Learn how to eat properly

To learn how to eat so that you can do without too much difficulty maintaining weight in everyday life, where they are present celebration, night visits refrigerators, business dinners, occasional binge with friends, attacks hunger for sweets and snacks in the evening …?

Personal adviser for nutrition, especially coach coach will take you through the entire weight loss program or optimizing health through practical examples to teach you how to have such deviations less, as well as what to do when they occur.

You have certain eating habits that they do not want to give up or they even can not (allergies or intolerances)?

Nutritional consultant will draw up a program designed purely to meet your needs, taking into account your habits and preferences, but also adapt menus to get the most optimal achieve their goals.

You are busy and simply do not have time even to think about what you eat?

Your task, when the trimmer in the program is only this, that you eat. If you have a job where you are most of the time on the way, or most of the time eating outside, menu tailored to your circumstances. With little tricks relieve your everyday thinking about food.

You just want to look good in a swimsuit?

Under the expert guidance it is easier and faster!

Any decision to healthier eating is good and will bring results. Under the expert guidance to avoid complications, errors and thus progress more quickly, efficiently and above all without any additional stress.

If you want to get to the conference, visit the website befit, be happy to help you.

To learn more about healthy eating and optimal composition of the menu, you are cordially invited to join us for the 10-week course builds a healthy diet and menus that are organized in Ljubljana.