The ideal winter food are hot soups with lots of vegetables and fine teas

In winter, the body has a tendency to loss of energy, so it is important to maintain and encourage the ideal food for this time of year – it includes vegetable and clear soups with lots of vegetables, winter spices and root plants.

The more hot liquids improves energy conservation body, which in winter is downward, and stimulate circulation, reminiscent of French nutritionists.

Hot drink in winter the stomach such as caps for the head or boots that keep your feet from the cold. In all three cases is kept in the internal energy and prevents heat loss.

In the winter period we’re all missing energy. So, the moment is to take care of the digestive system and kidneys, “power” of the body.

The ideal is to drink hot, but not boiling drinks, a little before and after meals. Your digestive system will be grateful for that. Such habits allows abdominal organs to prepare the meal, and if you drink consumed after a meal, will help them to be absorbed.

At the same time hot drinks inhibit the formation of winds, inflatable boats and a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen.

The researchers recommend avoiding large quantities of coffee, that ‘kills’ appetite and irritated intestinal mucosal and tea, especially green, can prevent the absorption of iron by food intake.

In contrast, hot drinks of lemon, ginger, rosemary, fennel, anise and cinnamon heats the body, tones it and help digestion. Given the variety of flavors, can replace fizzy drinks and fruit juices. Vegetable milk with very little sugar, such as that of almond, soy and coconut are another good alternative for the preparation of delicious drinks.

Yes kale, celery, beets, but also the clear meat broth

Tempted you are to the end of the meal you eat ice cream or a cold dessert? Rather opt for compote room temperature or light fruit cake warmed in the microwave.

If you opt for yogurt or cheese, add a little cinnamon or cardamom.

In the midst of winter cancel the chickens fresh juices for detoxification of the body, which was promoted by Hollywood stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Owen Wilson and Blake Lively. Despite the vitamins and minerals that are rich in these drinks, such drinks in the winter can disrupt the functioning of the digestive system, especially if they contain almost no fiber. In fact, not everyone has a good metabolism that manages to endure this kind of diet, completely devoid of protein and fat.

So, scientists say kale, celery, beets, or in vegetable soups. Winter is the ideal time of year to use all kinds of vegetables in the diet. It is particularly nutritious, and for stomach and digestion useful root vegetables, such as carrots, turnips, parsnips, radishes, potatoes and sweet potatoes.

Many mistakenly believe that in winter we need to consume a small amount of liquid, which is incorrect because central heating and overheating rooms in which we live often excessively dry out the body and is therefore very important to pay special attention to the quality of the liquid that is used in winter, and it’s soup.

If you like fruit smoothies, eat them straight up.

Legumes and grains are an important part of the winter diet and essential source of protein. Cereals should daily exchange with a small emphasis on the more frequent use of buckwheat and oats, cereals which most heated body.