Not showering regularly? Here’s what happens to your body

Series testing Volunteers have denied the good side of a rare shower.

Unless camping in nature, it is likely that regular showering and also maintain hygiene. General recommendations read it is good to take a shower once a day in the warmer months of the year, while in the winter months is enough and once in two days, due to the excessive drying of the skin.

But not everyone agrees with that, especially people who claim that the skin has a natural protection in the form of fat, which keeps her healthy glow, and that they shower is best reduced to only around as needed.

That results skip showering few days decided to check the team of scientists to discover the truth – if there is damage in daily bathing? In addition, read what they found.

Bad bacteria create imbalances

Human skin is covered in bacteria (with about 1,000 different species), as well as fungi (still 80 species). Most of these germs are good for us and help us in the fight against bad microbes. What soap and water are doing is helping the good bacteria in the fight against dangerous bacteria, and without it our body becomes more vulnerable to various infections and problems with nehigienata bacteria entered in various places – from public transport, gym, to workplace and contacts with others

Erratic shower harms the skin

If skin wash, it is collected grease and dirt, which causes closing of the pores and inflammation in the form of rash and irritation. It refers to those who suffer from various eczema, which can worsen their situation by avoiding washing, and there is even an official medical condition that refers to the skin neglected hygiene, “dermatis neglekta.”

Smell inevitably occurs

Proven most intense caused by irregular shower, and one that appears first is the unpleasant odor. Regardless of the amount of activities, the human body always produce sweat, which is one way to release toxins from the body. Bacteria multiply in this situation the skin produce gases that consume proteins and fatty acids, and it even produces 30 different flavors, depending on the nutritional and hormonal status of the individual.

Shower freely use daily, but avoid daily use of gels and aggressive, and, especially in the winter months it is advisable to only occasionally a shower of water, scientists advise.