NEWS The Liberal Star Charlottesville Witness Dark Secret Is Revealed

The mainstream media loves to blow things out of proportion.They use fake sources just to keep their ratings up.Twisting and telling false stories won’t get you anywhere. Sooner or later you will be exposed.

The liberal media published a story where they interview a “random” witness of the incident that happened in Charlottesville, Virginia. The witness says that they were reviving the victims with CPR. As usual, they want to turn this random witness into a national hero. Not so fast. It turns out after all that this witness has a dark history behind him. It will be the end of the liberal credibility.

MSNBC and other liberal mainstream media immediately after the incident published an interview with the alleged hero witness who caught everything that happened in the incident on film. He performed CPR on a severely injured victim. However, their hero will soon be exposed for what he is.

Brennan Gilmore blamed the “racist Nazis” of hitting the “peaceful anti-racists,” so the liberals immediately used his narrative to present the Antifa as a peaceful and quiet, unlike the enraged conservatives.

Their alleged hero is actually a State Department worker who is linked to George Soros. They never saw it coming, did they. They are exposed. Gilmore is a former chief of staff to Top Perriello when he was a candidate for becoming a Virginia governor, and he got $375,000 from Soros throughout the campaign. But that’s not all. He worked 15 years as an international officer of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Sudan, Tunisia, and Sierra Leone, and was deeply involved in the Kony 2012 movement.

Scott Creighton announces that he will do a background check on Brennan Gilmore, “I will do some research on the suspect and publish it a little later but right now I wanted to share with you some things I found out about Brennan Gilmore, the former State Department employee who just HAPPENED to be at the exact right place at the exact right time already filming with his camera to capture the entire event from beginning to end.”

Is this not enough evidence to prove that the Left is corrupt and dishonest? They are reaching far too much. It’s time for them to back up and sit in their place.

Source: conservativeforever