Muslim Won’t Rise For Judge Because Of Sharia Law, Court Has 4 Words

We can’t co-exist with Muslims on our territory.

Their religion is too radical.

Islam is down grading every single person that doesn’t accept and believe in Allah.

Some Muslims are becoming more educated and are starting to have common sense. However, a large portion of their population is brainless. There are many radical Muslims who have hatred in their heart.

Muslims with their primitive beliefs are trying to start a war with the Western nations. There is no place for savages like this. They only want to see people buried in their graves. In their larger scheme of things, they seek to slaughter the liberal nations, push their religion with force in our countries and they want to force our children to study Sharia law.

Not so fast Muslims. The President and the United States of America won’t stand with hands in their pockets. The US is wiping out ISIS camps in the Middle East. Counter-terrorism organizations and rebels across the globe are turning against the jihadists that want to destroy the world that we live in.

Hamdi Alqudsi, an ISIS agent in Australia who thrown in jail not long ago, but one of his two wives didn’t give up. She tried to fool the government system, and she was bold enough to go against Australia for doing their rightful job.

Yet her own arrogance and intolerance turned out to be her downfall.

Not so fast. Everything has its price. She couldn’t swallow her pride so that caused her downfall.

Mad World News reports:

Moutia Elzahed filed a huge lawsuit against the police deputies, requiring payment for alleged “assault and battery, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, and intimidation” of her and her family.

The wife of Hamdi Alqudsi ignored the court’s order and refused to co-operate. Judge Balla didn’t want to hear what she has to say in her defense. This is not all folks.

While Judge Balla was leaving the courtroom, Moutia Elzahed didn’t rise to her feet in honor of the judge’s authority, saying out loud that she “won’t stand for anyone except Allah…”

Judge Balla tossed out her case because Moutia was being disrespectful against the whole legal system. She is now sentenced for over 4 months in prison to rot in the dirt as she deserves.

Source: conservativeforever