Japanese Dessert That Looks Like A Drop Of Water

Japanese kitchen has always been full of surprises. It is not a secret that  in their kitchen thay make some of the strangest dishes and combinations in the world that are totally amazing.
Most accessible are the specialties with sushi for those who want that kind of food.

There are a million other recipes that we admire and even though you say you may never eat them, their magic and perfection is something that has been confirmed.
The last hit of Japanese cuisine is Japanese aqueous cake “drop” or “water cake” which looks like a drop of water.japonski-desert-shto-izgleda-kako-kapka-voda-250426

It is literally so,  it must be consumed as soon as it serves as a very short time be thawed in the container.
Its main ingredient is water in combination with gelatin and powdered sugar. Although there appears to fall apart if you tap, this delicious dessert is eaten with a spoon and is often served with various syrups and baked beans soybeans.

What makes it even magic is that the original recipe can be tried only in two places in Japan, and everything else is just a copy of this cookie.

In recent months, the Internet has emerged  the recipe for the preparation of this dessert, so many have tried to do the same at home.

If you try it, let us know if it really is so yummy!