Good properties of avocado

Avocado is a versatile fruit. It can be used as a spread, sauce, in smoothies and desserts. It contains a lot of vitamins B6, C, E and K, folate, fiber and healthy fats.

Avocado is native to South and Central America, where it is called the buttery pear or alligator pear. Name of the tree and its fruit originates from aztežke words ahuacatl, which means testicle. Appointment refers to both the shape of the fruit as the fact that the fruit on the tree branches usually hung in pairs. According to research by the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry to extract avocado helped to confine the development of cancer cells in the prostate. It is believed that this combination of credited carotenoids and vitamin E. The healthy fatty acids, that allow these substances, which are soluble in fats are well absorbed.

In 2011 vzodnoafriški researchers discovered that avocados contain over 160 health-beneficial plant substances known to lower blood glucose and act as antioxidants. They indicated that the

It could have been a fruit useful in the treatment of diabetes.

The avocado is an excellent source of vitamin B6, C, E and K, folate, fiber, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, niacin, magnesium, potassium, copper and manganese, and a good source of thiamine, iron, phosphorus and zinc. It also contains the antioxidant carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin and healthy fatty acids, such as alpha-linolenic acid and oleic acid.

The nutritional value of avocados:

Fresh avocado (1 split fruit / average 150 g)
• Calories: 240 kcal (1005 kJ)
• Protein: 3 g
• Fat: 22 g (Saturated 3.2 g)
• Carbohydrates: 12.8 g
• Dietary fiber: 10 g

The best yield of avocado

Nutritional value will be best preserved if avocados mashed with finely chopped onions, tomatoes and spices to make pomako or spread. We can also eat raw vegetables, such as. with young carrots, red pepper or young peas. It can be mixed into the smoothies, together with the fruit and leaf vegetables, for example. baby spinach and oranges. It is excellent for the preparation of confectionery in combination with a banana, for example. chocolate mousse or protein hot chocolate with avocado.

When ripe avocados, on the surface penetrates under gentle pressure. For faster maturation store the fruit in a paper bag with an apple. It is best to buy avocados, which has a brown shell, this is more mature, mellow and better taste.

Avocados can also be used for cosmetic purposes. Avocado, you can prepare an excellent nourishing mask for the face.